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Travel Quiz - Take a look at these clues and try and guess where in the world you are.

1. This country was occupied by the japenese during World War 2

2. It has the worlds highest rate of widows and orphans.

3. Deforestation is one of its most serious environmental problems.

4. No comprehensive geological survey has ever been made of this country.

5. It gained independence as a constitutional monarchy under King Norodom Sihanouk in 1953.

6. More than half the country is covered by monsoon rainforest.

7. The temples of Angkor, built between the 7th and 11th centuries, are a popular tourist destination.

8. The mekong River flows through this country.

9. The activities of Pol Pots Khmer Rouge caused Vietnam to invade the country in 1978

10. It was formerly known as Kampuchea.

Answer: aidobmac

Travel quiz

Take a look at the clues below and see if you can guess where abouts in the world it is.

1. This city was of great strategic importance in the Middle Ages, when the country was at war with its neighbour.

2. The city suffered five earthquakes during September and October 1996, the strongest of which measured 2 on the Richter Scale.

3. The university, which dates from 1583, has a famous medical faculty.

4. There are monuments to Admiral Nelson and the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo as well as statues of Allan Ramsay, William Pitt and the Duke of Wellington.

5. The writer James Boswell and philosopher David Hume were both sons of this city.

6. Giles Vathedral, which was built in 1385, is one of the city's landmarks.

7. High above the city, nestling on basalt cliffs, stands the old town and the city's historic 11th century castle.

8. The Commonwealth Games were held here in 1970 and 1986.

9. The city hosts an annual military tattoo.

10. Since 1947, thousands of thespians have flocked to this city for its annual international festival.

Answer: dnaltocS, hgrubnidE